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TelevisionTelevision - The television is a telecommunication system for broadcasting and receiving moving pictures and sound ...

Television Types. There are several types of television on the market today.Discover the various television types and features now available...

Television Types

A television is a fairly basic home entertainment device in terms of its functionality, but there are still several types and features to consider before deciding on a purchase.

Television Types Televisions

Several types of TVs exist on the market. Most TVs are direct view; however, it is also possible to buy a flat-screened direct view TV or a projection TV (a TV over 40" that projects the picture using three "guns").

Plasma TelevisionPlasma Television - Plasma Televisions provide the best video image anywhere with their exceptionally sharp pictures and take up less space than conventionl television sets.

Dlp TelevisionDlp Television - Digital Light Processing. DLP TVs have high-contrast images that are viewable from a wide angle. All DLP TVs perform exceptionally with DVDs.

Lcd TelevisionLcd Television - Or Liquid Crystal Display. LCDs are slim, lightweight, use less power and are immune to the flicker of CRT, because they offer non-interlaced pictures.

High Definition TelevisionHigh Definition Television - Your true source for HDTV information. High-Definition-Television (HDTV) displays pictures that contain significantly more detail, resulting in much 'crisper' pictures.

Digital TelevisionDigital Television - Digital televisions can display a picture that shows truly outstanding detail. A digital television is defined as any TV set that can accept and display a decoded digital signal (or a stream of ones and zeros).

Projection TelevisionProjection Television - Projection TV technology can create large screen sizes at a reasonable price. With both back- and front-projection TV, the light sources are three separate picture tubes with different phosphor screens built in, one each for R, G and B.

Flat Screen TelevisionFlat Screen Television - Flat screen television offers a 160-degree viewing with virtually none of the reflection that usually presents a problem for viewing in well-lit rooms.

Big Screen TelevisionBig Screen Television - Size matters. For the dedicated home theatre buff wanting to get the most out of DVD the best option is a big screen television.

Portable TelevisionPortable Television - Great for taking on holiday.Most portables offer small screens, poor reception, and few inputs, but they can be a wonderful way to inexpensively keep up with your favorite shows. while away from home.

Interactive TelevisionInteractive Television - The two way exchange of data. Interactive TV is one of those technologies that enable so many services but yet we know so little about what makes it tick...

Console TelevisionConsole Television - A fine example. Zenith royal-oak-finished console TV offers a 25-inch screen, stereo speakers, and a host of image-improving technologies.

Under Counter TelevisionUnder Counter Television - Also Known As: Under Counter Television, Under Counter Tv, 9 In, 10 In, 9 Inch Tv. Product Description ...

Wireless TelevisionWireless Television - Abridge between the PC and the TV.Convergence of media formats and the increasing relationship between the web and TV is naturally showing the way to unified devices.

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