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Television RepairTelevision Repair - If you need to send or take the TV to a service center, the repair could easily exceed half the cost of a new television...

Television Repair Parts. Good sources for consumer electronics replacement parts...

Television Repair Parts

For general electronic components like resistors and capacitors, most electronics distributors will have a sufficient variety at reasonable cost. Even Radio Shack can be considered in a pinch.

Vertical Output Transformer

Television Repair Parts

However, for consumer electronics equipment repairs, places like Digikey, Allied, and Newark do not have the a variety of Japanese semiconductors like ICs and transistors or any components like flyback transformers or degauss Posistors.

Control Board

Television Repair Parts, control board (Click to enlarge)

The following are good sources for consumer electronics replacement parts, especially for VCRs, TVs, and other audio and video equipment:

* MCM Electronics (VCR parts, Japanese semiconductors, U.S. Voice: 1-800-543-4330. tools, test equipment, audio, consumer U.S. Fax: 1-513-434-6959. electronics including microwave oven parts and electric range elements, etc.) Web:

* Dalbani (Excellent Japanese semiconductor source, U.S. Voice: 1-800-325-2264. VCR parts, other consumer electronics, U.S. Fax: 1-305-594-6588. car stereo, CATV). Int. Voice: 1-305-716-0947. Int. Fax: 1-305-716-9719. Web:

* Premium Parts (Very complete VCR parts, some tools, U.S. Voice: 1-800-558-9572. adapter cables, other replacement parts.) U.S. Fax: 1-800-887-2727.

* Computer Component Source (Mostly computer monitor replacement parts, U.S. Voice: 1-800-356-1227. also, some electronic components including U.S. Fax: 1-800-926-2062. semiconductors.) Int. Voice: 1-516-496-8780. Int. Fax: 1-516-496-8784.

For those hard-to-find or overpriced TV replacement boards, modules, or other parts, try:

* PTS Electronics Corporation.

- Bloomington, Indiana (National Headquarters): 1-800-844-7871 - Arvada, Colorado: 1-800-331-3219 - Tustin, California: 1-800-380-2521

Email: Web:

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