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Tv SetsTV Sets - Tv-Sets.Com. Your comprehensive online source for everything TV related! A TV Set is a receiver that displays television images. It is a form of telecommunication for the transmission of transient images of fixed or moving objects.

Tv Set Ratings. Which TV Sets are coming out tops in the TV Set Ratings. Find out what's hot and what's not with our online TV set ratings guide.

TV-Set Ratings

Some of the Top Rated TV Sets:

Sony Trinitron Wega 27-inch KV-27FS100

TV Set Ratings Sony

27-inch analog. Experts rave about the flat-screen Sony Trinitron Wegas, and the 27-inch version has earned more top rankings than any other . All Wega sets are praised for their Trinitron picture tubes with digital comb filters and excellent S-Video picture quality. The KV-27FS200 and KV-27FS300 each have more features, but the KV-27FS100 is considered by experts to be the best value.

Toshiba 32-inch 32AF42

TV Set Ratings Toshiba

32-inch analog. Its outstanding S-video quality is one reason why experts praise this 32-inch Toshiba. Other benefits include its fine-pitch flat picture tube, black level expander, colour temperature control, and closed captioning on mute. This model is also praised for its advance audio system, which offers double baffle speakers, Surround Sound, and sub-bass for deeper, richer tones. Reviewers note that like the Sony, digital comb filters also contribute to this model's excellent picture quality.

JVC AV-27D303

TV Set Ratings Jvc

27-inch analog. If you don't need top-shelf features like a flat screen or picture-in-picture, this JVC gets good scores for picture quality (it has the same digital comb filters of pricier models), and it has a wide array of features for the price: an excellent remote control, high-definition audio, sleep timer, hyper Surround Sound, and V-chip parental control technology.

Samsung 27-inch Dynaflat TXM2796HF

TV Set Ratings Samsung

27-inch HD-Ready. Affordability combined with excellent quality is why it is rated so highly. Features include a progressive scan system, velocity scan modulation, and side and rear S-Video and A/V inputs, but skips the high-end playback features of the Sony above. If you step up to the TXM2797HF, you'll also get 3:2 pull-down technology, BBE digital sound clarifier, and another 10 watts of audio output.


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