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Television ShowsTelevision Shows - Television shows may be a one-off broadcast or, more usually, part of a periodically returning television series. Read about some of the most popular shows on television complete with pictures...

Survivor Television Show. Reality telivision game show 'Survivor'.Set on a desert island, Surviver is where contestants fight for existance and individually compete for immunity and rewards.

Survivor Television Show

The reality TV show which took the US by storm finally arrived in the UK in May 2001. Sixteen contestants were marooned on the island of Pulau Tiga, for a month of scheming and bitching, which eventually resulted in policewoman Charlotte Hobrough winning one million pounds. Despite low ratings, ITV comissioned a second series.

Survivor Television Show (Click to enlarge)

The second series of Survivor was set on a group of Islands off the coast of Panama. The number of contestants was reduced to only twelve, so that viewers got to know them better. The contestants were split up and put onto either North Island or South Island.

Survivor Television Show, pic

The format of the game is simple - the two tribes follow a three day cycle. On the first day, they compete in a Reward Challenge - and the tribe who wins will get something to make their lives on the island a little bit easier. On the second day, they will take part in an Immunity Challenge - and the tribe who loses will be taken to Tribal Council on the third day, to vote somebody off the island, and the cycle will start again.

The tribes will finally merge into one, where the contestants compete individually for rewards and immunity.

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