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Television PartsTelevision Parts - Usefull information and facts you should know about television parts prior to ordering and purchasing...

Mitsubishi Television Parts. Usefull information and various contacts for all your Mitsubishi television repair parts and owners' manuals...

Mitsubishi Television Parts

Q.Where can I get parts, remotes or manuals?
A. There is an online Mitsubishi parts locator at

Mitsubishi Television Parts, tv

Mitsubishi Television

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc (MDEA) service/parts: 1-800-553-7278 (M-F:7am-4pm Pacific Time) service/parts fax: 1-800-825-6655 Expect to pay between US$40 and $80 for the service manual depending on your TV.

Mitsubishi Electric Sales of Canada Inc 4299 14th Av, Markham, Ontario Canada 1-800-268-9828 (ask for parts dept)

Hardcopy (paper) service manuals can be ordered from

Online and hardcopy schematics can be ordered from Sams Technical Publishing 2647 Waterfront Parkway Eats Dr Indianapolis, Indiana 46214-2041 PH:1-800-428-7267

Remote controls and schematics can be ordered from Eiger Electronics 3000 Lawson Blvd. Oceanside, New York 11572-0508 Toll-Free: (877) 278-0170 ext. 105 / 112 Phone: (516) 536-9070 ext. 112 Fax: (800) 645-2200 E-Mail:

Q. Where can I get my TV serviced? A. In the US, Mitsubishi has an online referral page, or you can access it by touch-tone phone at 1-800-332-2119.

Q. Where can I find a dealer near me?
A. In the US, use Mitsubishi's online dealer locator.

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