Installation Instructions for Direct TV
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Installation Instructions for Direct TV: Doing-it-yourself...

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Installation Instructions for Direct TV

Do-it-yourself: If you insist on doing it yourself, here's some information you should know or could be of help.

Installation kits are available from most satellite dish stores. These have all the basic hardware needs and come with a book/video guide.

Installation Instructions for Direct TV Installing Direct Tv

You will want a phone jack (working) near the location you wish to put the receiver and find a spot on or around your house which will allow an unrestricted view of the orbiting satellite.

Connect the dish to the receiver requires you to ground the wire and run it from the outside to the inside of your home. Pointing your dish correctly can be done by going to Direct TV's website and getting the correct azimuth (rotation) and elevation (lift).

If you have completed all of this correctly you should be in for hours of digital quality entertainment in the comfort of you own home. Enjoy!

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