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Direct TV Hack

Direct TV Hack

The access card is a plastic card approximately the size of a credit card that is distributed to customers either together with the receiving equipment or separately.

Software contained in the access cards controls the receipt of DIRECTV programming. When a customer buys a satellite system with an access card from an authorized retailer, the customer is committing to subscribe to DIRECTV programming.

Direct TV Hack Card

After the purchase and installation of the equipment, the customer must contact DIRECTV to choose a programming package and to provide a method of payment. After the customer selects a package, DIRECTV will activate the access card, providing the customer with access to the selected programming and the ability to order and watch pay-per-view events.

Access cards that have been reprogrammed or "pirated" allow people illegally to intercept and decrypt DIRECTV's signals and receive television programming without making any payments to DIRECTV.

"Reprogramming" is done by illegally modifying the copyrighted software on the card to bypass DIRECTV's conditional access system and open all channels of programming, including pay-per-view movies and sports, which are only available legitimately after payment of a subscription. .

Federal and state laws protect satellite transmission providers such as DIRECTV and other copyright holders. Both criminal and civil lawsuits can be brought against violators of these laws.

At present the new card, the P4, is not hacked but there are people out there trying to take your money who will claim that it is.

Direct TV HacksDirect TV Hacks - DirecTv and NDS Americas, its security vendor, filed a piracy-related lawsuit against the owner of the oldest and most well-known hackers newsletter.

Direct TV HackingDirect TV Hacking - Refers to forcefully editing programming instruction coding...

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