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Direct TVDirect TV - Direct TV: a leading direct-to-home satellite television service ...

Direct Tv D - GDirect Tv D - G - Whether it be Direct TV Deals, Descramblers, DSL or Dish, Direct TV Files or perhaps information on getting Free Direct TV, you've come to the right place...

Direct TV Descrambler: Decodes scrambled satellite TV signals.

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Direct TV Descrambler

The Direct TV descrambler is designed to decode and unscramble intentionally scrambled satellite signals so the subscriber can receive their satellite TV programming.

Direct TV scramble the satellite signals so that unauthorized persons cannot access the programming.

The Direct TV descrambler unscrambles the video signals using the following method:

The authorization center creates the master data stream. This data stream contains a digitally derived key based upon the serial number of each authorized decoder and a "Tier bit" for each channel it is authorized to receive (determined by which programming package has been paid for)

"SEED KEYS" in the receiver itself combine with the other half of the key (transmitted by the authorization center) and create the master key used to decode the audio and turn on the video descrambling circuit

Once the Direct TV descrambler unscrambles the signal an access card delivers the programming package the subscriber has paid for. The card has a unique identification number, which is how Direct TV can add or remove programming from each card.

DirecTV is a satellite television provider in the United States whose braodcast signal can be received in almost all of Central and North America.

In Canada it is legal to descramble these coded signals due to an ill equipped legilative law that concerned Satellite Providers not being registered with the CRTC.


DirecTV Defense - DirecTV has launched a legal campaign that threatens smartcard researchers and innovators. Over the past few years, the company has sent hundreds of thousands of demand letters and filed nearly 24,000 federal lawsuits.

DIRECTV - DIRECTV DVR with TiVo service, HDTV, Internet Access - DirectTV Products.

Geek News - DirectTV hands out smack-down - DirectTV has just won the most recent battle with hackers who have used various methods to receive all of DirectTV's DSS satellite television channels unscrambled.

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