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Tv SetsTV Sets - Tv-Sets.Com. Your comprehensive online source for everything TV related! A TV Set is a receiver that displays television images. It is a form of telecommunication for the transmission of transient images of fixed or moving objects.

Best Tv Sets. For advice from the experts on the Best TV Sets, look no further. Best TV sets from some of the leading manufacturers: JVC, Hitachi and Panasonic.

Best TV-Sets

For 32 or 36 inch glass front TV sets, consumer reports rates Toshiba, Sony, JVC the top three brands... those all have the new flat, not rounded, glass screens.

Best TV Sets Jvc Tv (Click to enlarge)


If you are looking for a projection TV, Panasonic, Sony, and Hitachi take top honors.

Best TV Sets Sony Projection Tv

Sony Projection TV

Plasma TV? Hitachi and Sony are rated the best.

Best TV Sets Hitachi Plasma Tv

Hitachi Plasma TV

One caution: a growing number of owners report that station logos can get burned into plasma TVs, if you watch one station all the time.

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