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TV-Sets.Com. Your comprehensive online source for everything TV related! A TV Set is a receiver that displays television images. It is a form of telecommunication for the transmission of transient images of fixed or moving objects.


TVSets.Com is an informative site composed of information on various TV types and brands, television technology, TV guides, ratings and reviews and, well...anything concerned or related to television!

TV Sets: probably the single greatest human invention. The technology of the television has completely and irrevocably changed the human race.

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So what are TV sets?

Well, a TV set is the central element of any audio/visual set-up. It allows us to watch programs received by antenna, cable or satellite, and movies via our VCR.

The TV set is certainly one of the most influential forces of our time. Through the device called a television set or TV, you are able to receive news, sports, entertainment, information and commercials. We can even use the TV as a monitor to play computer games.

Once upon a time buying a TV Set was a simple process with the only choice being analog, tube TVs. Today there are four main types of TV Sets on the market.

TV Sets Direct View Tv Set

Direct-view (tube) TVs.

TV Sets Flat Panel Tv Set

Flat-panel TVs.

TV Sets Rear Projection Tv Set

Rear and front-projection TVs

Compare Tv SetsCompare Tv Sets - Direct View, LCD, Plasma and Projection. A quick overview of the various types of TV sets available in today's market place.

Best Tv SetsBest Tv Sets - For advice from the experts on the Best TV Sets, look no further. Best TV sets from some of the leading manufacturers: JVC, Hitachi and Panasonic.

Tv Set RatingsTv Set Ratings - Which TV Sets are coming out tops in the TV Set Ratings. Find out what's hot and what's not with our online TV set ratings guide.

Old Tv SetOld Tv Set - A couple of examples of old TV sets complete with brief model descriptions and accompanying photographs....

Tv Set ReviewTv Set Review - Things are changing quickly in the world of the television. New types of TV screens are now available. Keep up with the changing world of TV technology by reading TV set reviews.

Picture Frames Shaped Like a Tv SetPicture Frames Shaped Like a Tv Set - Toshiba Widescreen "Picture Frame" TV is shaped just like a TV set. Includes images and television feature description.

TVTV - One of the most influential forces of our time.TV's typical function, is to be an appliance in front of which one sits, the signals of which to perceive.General Information and links to everything TV related...

TelevisionTelevision - The television is a telecommunication system for broadcasting and receiving moving pictures and sound ...

ScreensScreens - Flat screen Tv and Big screen Tv screens.

Court TvCourt Tv - Court TV has become a top rated powerhouse cable destination as well as a leader in forensic and investigative programming...

Spike TvSpike Tv - SpikeTV targets its programming primarily at male viewers, marketed the first television network for men...

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